Monday, October 8, 2018

Check out Div. 23 and Div. 26's Instagram Account

Dear Parents,

Mrs. Ludeman's and Mrs. Kocurek/Hirsig's class will be using an instragram account this year to show some of your child's learning and development through classroom and school events. Please search for our account to follow on Instagram:


You will need to wait for us to accept you as a parent of our class. Please email us with your instagram account name if it is not your name so we know to accept it. Also, if you would like grandparents or family members to also be able to follow our account please email us so we know to accept those names as well.

You are always allowed to tag our account to add photos to our wall, but we have set it up so we need to approve the photos before they are shown, so it will not show up automatically. Let us know if you have any questions, it is our first year with this format so if there is something not working for you or if you have a suggestion, we are always open to hear it!